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Amazon DSP : Company Overview

Amazon DSP is a full-fledged business that partners with Amazon providing it with a fleet of 40-50 vans on average. These are actually independent businesses providing Amazon with transportation facilities to deliver packages to its customers in a safe and timely manner, hence creating abundant Amazon DSP jobs like Amazon delivery drivers, Amazon contracted delivery partners, Amazon van drivers, and many more.

Why Work at Amazon?

Started in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has only been growing since. With a number of sectors in which it operates like cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence; one sector particularly can be held responsible for the most amount of revenue generation, i.e. E-Commerce. With Amazon’s dynamic operations in customer package delivery and warehousing, there is a reliance that has been accumulating on other Amazon divisions providing similar services.

These are:

At Amazon, you will feel like coming to your second home. The company has worked hard to incorporate principles of inclusion and diversity so that whoever you might be externally, you would feel one with your peers at work. You will be delighted to know that hourly basis work at Amazon like becoming a DSP driver or a warehouse worker promises flexible work shifts and additional options like part-time as well as full-time. This is so that you never feel stuck and become your own supervisor when it comes to working at Amazon.

Benefits of Becoming an Amazon DSP Driver

Starting your career with Amazon as a DSP driver offers numerous perks that are both visible to the eye as well as inculcating you with skills necessary so that you become world-ready.

Firstly as an Amazon DSP driver, you will be the one deciding how much you earn. With hourly compensations going up to $20, the remuneration for how long you work will be effectively and immediately reflected in a week. Or if this doesn’t work for you, you can choose your payday by availing Amazon’s Anytime pay option.

Amazon understands the need to spend time on yourself and your family and is thus providing its employees with a paid-time-off option.

If during the course of your hourly basis work as an Amazon DSP driver you decide to turn full-time, you will get covered by a health insurance plan as soon as it happens.

Not only can you become a full-time employee but will have the option to work your way up to the ranks of Lead Drivers, Operations Managers, and more.

These being the material perks of becoming an Amazon DSP driver there is much more to this opportunity than one can imagine.

If you have a dream but do not have the financial measures to achieve it yet, you can work as a DSP driver and Amazon’s Career Advancement program can take care of the rest. You will be exposed to career growth opportunities and will be imparted with skills and training that will help you in your professional journey, be it with Amazon or somewhere else.

Career Advancement as an Amazon DSP Driver

Amazon believes in uplifting whoever wants to have a career beyond working as an hourly basis employee. With Amazon’s Career Advancement Program you can literally pursue your resume your schooling and enter the profession you like while still making money working as a DSP driver.

You can start as an Amazon DSP driver and work the shift that suits your schedule. Once your schedule is set you can start pursuing your schooling by enrolling in the course of your choice. Amazon will help fund your education and you can finally find careers in Amazon or elsewhere.

You can start your journey by applying to these delivery driver positions:

It would be a bit easy for you to start your journey if you live around any of the below-mentioned locations as these are the hotspots for Amazon DSP and related openings.

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Q: What is Amazon DSP driver?

An Amazon DSP driver is an individual who drives one of Amazon DSP’s vans to deliver customer orders. As a DSP driver, you are required to safely maneuver the delivery vehicle within the community that you are assigned. It’s your responsibility to take care of customer packages with utmost diligence and care so that the orders are delivered in a safe and damage-free manner. Being a DSP driver you are also required to make sure that the orders reach customer doorsteps in a swift and timely manner. You would be sorting customer packages in the vehicle based on their tags. For instance, the orders with ‘fragile’ and ‘handle with care’ written on them should be placed on the top safely to avoid any breakage.

Q: How much does an Amazon delivery driver make?

As an Amazon delivery driver, you get the freedom to earn as much as you want as it directly depends on the number of hours you work for. You become your own supervisor as you are given the option of flexible shifts while you always have the liberty to work as a part-time or full-time delivery driver. As compensations are handed out on an hourly basis and credited weekly, the remunerations can go up to $20 per hour making it a whopping 10% more than the market average.

Q: How to become an Amazon delivery driver?

To become an Amazon delivery driver you would first and foremost need to have a valid U.S driving license. You would also need to be at least 21 years of age to start working as an Amazon delivery driver. Apart from this, you would be required to firstly furnish your Social Security Number (SSN) so that the company does a background check on you. Additionally, you would also be undergoing a drug test for Amazon to deem you fit for becoming a delivery driver.
Once you qualify the eligibility criteria you just need to find some quality recruitment websites like Warehousinjobs.Com having bulk job opportunities for the role of Amazon DSP driver. Find these opportunities as per your location and apply to as many positions as you like.